Shared Reads: Dropped Anime Series

Okay, this is for my anime fans. I know I post and share much financial content, however, it may help to also cater to those that enjoy a good anime every now and then.

Take a look at this blog and feel free to comment on the types of animes you’d drop, stop watching. For me, it’s Boruto. Then again, once my husband catches up and complete Naruto Shippuden, I may give Boruto another chance. Idk yet.

Introduction Hey everyone! Today we’ll have a little discussion about dropped anime series. I have stopped watching numerous anime series without finishing them. Most of these I plan to go back and complete when I have a better attention span and more time. However, when I say dropped anime, I mean the ones that I […]

Dropped Anime Series

Published by Blk Cat Zon3

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